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  On October 9th, 1998 my beloved mother passed away. She left me some money for charitable purposes for poor people in Cambodia. My mom, Sambath Tep, was an angel who liked to donate to the temple and poor families in Cambodia.

In 1999, I used her money, along with some other private donations, to help over 300 families and 300 students in Mom's home town, Wat Tmor Kor, Khet Kan Dal. We built a small school for monks and students.

I returned in August 2000 to the same town and assisted 330 families and 330 students by giving them rice, school supplies, medicine (Tylenol), reading glasses and money.

From this experience I created my own foundation called Sam Relief, Inc.

We run a small charity and I am proud to introduce my staff:

Board of Directors:

Sambonn Lek President and Founder
Ms. Margaret Mathes Vice president
Nara S. Lek - Secretary

Board of Advisors

Mr.William Batdorf CPA
Mr. Bill O"Donnell, Director of Public Relations
Mr. Garald Essenmacher
Mr. Don Kroll
Mr. Joseph Bross
Mr. Stephen Meagher
Staffs in charge in Cambodia

    Mr. Kuch Chanthar
    Mrs. Pan Chamnan
    Mr. Hok, Suvithyea
    Mr. Kuch Sopuol
    Mr. Om, Sopheap

I want to thank to Mr. William Batdorf, a CPA who graciously helped create Sam Relief, Inc. without charge.

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