To the friends of Sam Relief,

The books and records of donations and expenses for Sam Relief, Inc. are maintained, independently audited each year, and reported to IRS. In 2006, Sam Relief spent its annual budget as follows: 95.6% on program services, 2.4% on general expenses, and 2% on fundraising. reported on August 25, 2006 regarding charities “that at least 70% of your money should go toward supporting the underlying mission.” We spend 95.6%., the nation's largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities, reports that 9 out of 10 charities spend at least 65% on their programs and services. We greatly exceed that with 95.6% in 2006.

All boards and boards of advisor pay their own ticket,hotel and food during Sam Relief mission.

Your donations to Sam Relief continue to provide hope for the impoverished in Cambodia. Due to the time Sam Relief devotes to this worthy cause, our overhead is at record low rates.

Respectfully yours,

Sam Relief, Inc.
Board of Advisors

Mr.William Batdorf, CPA
Mr. Bill O"Donnell, Director of Public Relations
Mr. Gerald Essenmacher
Mr. Don Kroll
Mr. Joseph Bross
Mr. Stephen Meagher

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