ugust 2003 we planned to rebuild one school a year at Prey Veng Province. Fortunately, Mr. Clifford Laughton donated $15,000.00 to build the entire school and Mr. Stephen Meagher donated $10.000.00 for two sections of another school at Kam Pong Speu Province. Therefore, we are able to build two schools with all other generous donations.

We raised $77,000.00 for 2003.

Last year 2002, we had 37 wells donated from ours supporters. This year we have 59 wells and we donated 55 ton of rice to the needy ones.

Please click this link to view the supplies from fundraising at Lowell, Massachusetts under my sister Margaret Mathes to help orphanage children in Phnom Penh. I want to thank to all Lowell donors.

I want to say thank you to Mr. Lek, Bopha my older brother who volunteered to be my Vice President in charge in Cambodia. It Just a dollar a day you can help one child to attend school with food and school supplies.

We raise money and donate 100% of the funds collected to poor families by providing them rice, medicine, school supplies, eyeglasses, clothing, money, and rice seeds.

Our goal in 2003 is to donate 20% of the fund proceeds raised to teachers’ salaries to ensure that there are sufficient full-time teachers throughout the school year. The salary for one full-time teacher is only $20.00 per month. This means that your donation of even a small amount will go a long way in providing education to needy children. It costs only $150.00 for one well and your name will be on it. As you see, your donation means a lot to Cambodian children and goes a long way to feed and educate these needy children.

If your company can help to rebuild this school,We will name the school after your name. We can do so much with so little and pray for your help.

We encourage you to contribute to this worthy cause and we really believe that together we can make a difference. Your donation is tax-exempt. Please write your check to Sam Relief, Inc., and please send it to the above address. We need your help just one time a year. Thanks.

Donated Wells
Thank you to all my donors who donated wells to the needy ones. One well supplies clean water for 10 families.

It costs only $250.00 to dig a well and it supplies clean water for the poor families. The price of well varies depending on location . Some locations are very rocky, the well costs $1,500.00 to dig. Your contribution to this cause is deeply appreciated and your name will be on it. We donated 55 wells for 2003.

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