In 2004 Sam Relief sponsored 40 poor homeless children to attend school. The Sobbhana Foundation supervised these children on our behalf. The foundation has requested that we increase the number of children for 2005 to 50 children.

International aids stopped assisting to all orphan in Cambodia in early 2003. Sam Relief, Inc has helped:

  • 10 ton of rice
  • School supplies
  • Water pump
  • 4 sewing machines
  • books and clothing for the whole year

Fundraising Gala at the Cambodia Embassy on March 31,2004

The Embassy 2004 Fundraising Gala was the best success to the date for " Sam Relief, Inc."

First, I want to give a most hearty thank to His Excellency Roland Eng, who has allowed us to have this fundraiser at the Royal Cambodia Embassy.

We raised over $50,000.00. Thank you to Mr. Stephen, Meagher who donated $20,000.00 , Mr. Clifford Laughton who donated $15,000.00 and thank you to all my generous donors.Thank you to my Board and advisors: Bill Batdorf, Bill O' Connell, Don Kroll and Jerry Essenmacher who have always assisted me when needed. Especially, I want to thank Mr. Allen Foster, Cool Coyotes, who donated his times for my website.Thank you to Ms. Karen McMullen, Director, Washington Woman and Wine who donated wines for the Gala.

Thank you to Ketel-One for donating their Ketel vodka.

 Sponsored Students

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A Letter from Sambonn Lek

Dear Excellency Eng,

I want to tell you a story about a man I am proud to call my friend.

In the fall of 1999, The Country of Cambodia gave Washington D C a gift. This gift was in the form of the newly elected Cambodian Ambassador to the United States . His name is Roland Eng. Upon his arrival, he was informed there was a special Cambodian man in Washington D C that he should meet. That man was me. I was honored to meet him and impressed by his plans for the Embassy. At the time of his arrival, the Embassy was in dis-repair and he made it his mission to clean it up and restore its reputation. He is a straight forward man who is generous with his life and his kindness.

Ambassador Eng has been involved in Sam Relief since its inception. Over the past five years, he has generously donated both his personal time and the assets of the Embassy.

We have held our annual fund-raising gala at the Embassy with the support and help of the Ambassador and his staff. In 2004, our gala raised over $ 50,000 towards building schools and educating the children of Cambodian. His Excellency was on hand to not only host the event but to pitch in with everything from presenting awards to my honored-donors to cleaning up at the end of the evening. Every time, I have asked him a favor to support my foundation, he has done so without hesitation.

I deeply appreciate what you have done for Sam Relief. I wish you great success in your future endeavors. You will be missed.

Best regards,

Sambonn Lek
President and Founder

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