This past year, farmers in Cambodia have had rough growing season due to a lack of rain. Consequently, the diminished amount of crops creates a higher poverty level. When Sam Relief donated a ton of rice, we were literally saving lives. While in Cambodia I worked on the preparation for the relief missionin July and August since 1999. I have listed some of the projects that we are working on. As you can see, our mission positively effects the heath and livelihood of the people in my country. I hope you are as excited as I am, and reach into your heart to help.

There is no better feeling than being able to know you contributed in helping save lives.

On ton of rice costs $350.00
You can do it. Please send your check to:

Sam Relief, Inc.
17505 Amity Drive
Gaithersburg MD 20877

Thank to Mr.Robert McINERNEY who donates 5 ton of rice
to help teachers and poor peopleat JSM schools at Svay Rieng and Khet Kandal province.
August 2008

Emergency relief to the families at Wat Sras Sran Khet Kandal
August 2008, Donated by Mr.Robert McINERNEY
Rice from Mr.Robert McINERNEY

Thank toPrince ofPeaceLutheranChurch who donated 1 ton
of rice to the teachers at Crane School at Svay Rieng Province.
August 2008.

Sam Relief donated 10 ton of rice to the Village of Wat Tmor Kor in August 1999 Relief Mission for 10 ton of rice to the poor people at Kam Pong Speu province due to lack of rain. (August 2004)
Children were waiting for their relief supplies. The parents were waiting for their rice supplies.
Sam Relief delivered 10 tons of rice and supplies at Kam Pong Speu province in August 2001. Mr. Jerry Essenmacher, Sam Relief staff, with the student at Kam Pong Speu Province August 2004
The people at Ang Kor Chum, Siem Reap Provice were waiting for the rice suppies due to flood that damaged the growing rice in August 2002. Students were waiting for the rice supplies.

10 tons of rice for Angkor Chum Siem Reap 2002 Sam Relief delivered 10 tons of rice to the people at Khet Kan Dal due to flood at August 2003

Mr. Alan kline donated 10 tons of rice to the orphanage at Takeo Province at 2004 At Stephen Meagher schools at Svay Rieng Province, the salary of the teacher was only $20.00 per month. Sam Relief donated rice to the teachers to make them happy to teach.

Food for work, Sam Relief donated 10 tons of rice to the people at Kam Pong Cham to dig the canal for irrigation The 10 tons of rice were donated by Mr. Daniel O'Connell
  Emergency relief to the families at WAt Sras Sran at Khet Kandal
with 10 ton of rice and clothing. August 2002.

we donated 10 tons of rice to Kmere Foundation of justice, Peace
and Development at Khet Kan Dal on July 25, 2005.
Appreciation Letter


We donated 10 tons of rice to the handicapped students atKamPongChamProvinceon August 20, 2004.

Ambassador Eng Roland orphanage.Appreciation Letter
Newsletter from Angkor Children Hospita 2012
Up to date we have donated 100 tons of rice to Angkor Children Hospital.
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