It 's just a dollar a day you can sponsor a child to attend school and $500.00 a year you can sponsor a student to attend University. You can do it. Please send check to:

Sam Relief,Inc

17505 Amity Drive
Gaithersburg MD 20877 USA


Ms. Lee, Sreymom graduated in 2007. Bachelor's degree in Tourism. She was sponsored by Mr.Peter Hyland. Ms.Choeun Sokhom graduated in 2006.Bachelor's
degree in accounting. She was sponsored by 
Mr. Gary Bremer
Thank you letter from Choeun Sokhom
Ms. Kim, Marin graduated in 2007. Bachelor in Tourism. She was sponsored 
by Mr. Alan Kline
Som, Somalin graduated Bachelor's degree in 
accounting. Sponsored by Grand Master Kang.
August 2008.
 Ms. Chan, Srey Bouy graduated Bachelor's degree in accounting, Sponsored by Mr.and Mrs. Michael Zarra.
March 2009.

 Chiv Chan graduated BA 2007.
He was sponsored by Mr. Ted Lierl.


Letter from Ms. Arun Sinketh
Letter from Ms. Arun Sinketh 2010

Ms.Arun Sinketh was sponsored by Mr. Alan Kline.
She was graduated on June 28, 2008 majoring in
accounting and Finance. Currently she works for
Angkor Children Hospital at Siem Reap.
She pursues her MBA  through the sponsor from
Mr. Alan Kline 2010-2011.

 Mr.Seam Sopheakday was sponsored by Mr.Clifford Laughton 2007 and Mr.Daniel Dove for Master degree 2008  Ra Det graduated Bachelor's in Business 
in April 2011and was sponsored by Mr. Alan Kline.



Sam Relief,Inc

17505 Amity Drive
Gaithersburg MD 20877 USA


We will send you tax receipt.



 Som, Monichanda 
second year at University,majoring in Business
 Bunna  Bun Graduated May 2005 in accounting  Sovannarith Thorn  Som, Seyla
 From Mr.Americo Miconi  From Ms. Debra Szabo  From Mr. Michael R. Benoit  From Mr. Kenneth and Leslie Michalzuk
 Kheng Sochdoeun  Chiv Chan graduated BA 2007  Kry Lakana  Chan, Srey Bouy
 From Mr. William Batdorf  From Mr. Ted Lierl  From Rose Sather  Frpm Michael Zarra
 Chea Sphorn. Graduated in May 2005 in accounting  Chin Samphors  Choeun Sokhom graduated BA 2006  Chin Srey Dep
 From Mr. Edgar Berkey  From Mike & Maureen Masson  From Mr. Gary Bremer  From Mr. Stephen Bombes
 Noun Siek ( Teacher)  Ngin Chandy (Teacher)  Nouth Soung  Moul Sokuntrun
 From Mr. Dan Ruskin  From Mr. Dan Ruskin  From Mr. Robert &Eileen Ricker  From Clair Tesh
 Rasmey You  Sokhunthea Check  Ngor Kim. graduated in May 2006,majoring in Business.  Soeun Sopheap
 From Jason and Mittpheap You  From Mr. George Lowe  Sam Relief, Inc  From Mr. William Griffin
 Choeun Sokkhom  Sours Khuoch  Monirith  Es  Sok, Preoun Long
 From Mr. Gary Bremer  From Mr. Clifford Laughton  From Mr. Thomas Holliday  From Mr. Gary Bremer
 Im Sotheary  San Mixcic  Kuch Sopuol and Kin Marin  Radeth Arn



 From Peter Sather  Sam Relief  Graduated 2007  From Mr. Mark and Dawn Conway
 Sorya Seng  Som, Moniraksa  Yon chanmony  Chin Lin
 From Mr. Rex Boyd  From Mr. Stanford Blanton  Frome Mr. Jack Padien  From Mr/ Randall Payne
 Som, Somalin,  Kim Marin Graduated 2007  Sophea Check  Hem, Rutum
 From Master Myung Hak Kang  From Mr. Alan Kline  From Mr. Jack Lyon  From Mr. Glenn & Sandra Kakugama
 Suthary OM  Sovannara Hout  Kuch Sopoul graduated 2007  Ouk Rithy
 From Ms. Pichaya Fitts  From Sam Relief  From Mr. Andy and Chris Holtan  From Mr. Stephen Beamer
 Kim Poul  Kam Png Speu (Sewing Machine)  Monk Sitho Nhiv  Yeng Srey Lak
 From Mr. Jerry Essenmacher  From Ms. Ondine Marquer  From Dr. Sayni Pin  From Mr. Les Keats
 Two sisters Lee, sreymom & Tany  Say Chanbopha for trade school  Ngor Sophorn BA 2008  Chin Srey Dep ( Graduated Hair Dressing
 From Mr.Peter Hyland  From Ms. Susan Fox  From Mr. Michael Brown  From Mr. Stephen Combes
 Mom Jeta (Sewing MachineI  Huot Thida.  Chorn Sokhom Graduated 2007 Leav Sreydanith (graduated 2007)
 From Ms, Ondine Marquer  From Mr Peter Hyland  From Mr. Gary Bremer  From Mr. Peter Hyland
 Phourn Chamreurn ( teacher)

 Chenda Yem for Doctor in medicine
 From Ms. Pichaya Fitts from 2005 to 2007.

 Sok Len ( BA graduated 2007)
From Mr. Stacy LLoyd III

 Seam, Sopheakey ( Teacher )For his Master Degree.
From Mr. Clifford Laughtom (2007-2008)
From Mr.Daniel Dove(2008-2009)

 From Mr. Dan Ruskin      

Ms.Chenda Yem for doctor in medicine
From  Mr. Rex Boyd from 2008

Ms. Ing Srey Neang
From Melissa Eidlin
 Ms. Sam,Chanlika for MBA 2011
From Mr. Jack Lyon
 Ms. Som, Somalin for MBA 2011
From Mr. Rex Boyd

Radeth Arn second year at the University
from Mr. Alan Kline


Soth Sophin is at second year at the University.(2009)
From Mr.Peter Hyland
 Seng Rady one year trade school in electronic . He was sponsored by
Kathleen Cochran. 2008-2009
 Ms.Ouk Srey-Lak 5th grade. She was sponsored by Mr.and Mrs.
Arthur F. Bonitz Jr (2009)

 Ms. Thay,Kanitha for BA 2011
From Michelle G. Chuck and Stephanie Brysacz

 Linda Bun 2nd year at law school.
She was sponsored by Mr. Stephen Combes.(2009)
 Mr. Bor Bun first year at the University 2009 and was sponsored by
Mr. Daniel Dove
 Ms. Chim,Chan Lida for BA
From Sam Relief

Ms.Kheang Sokunthea for BA 2012
From Sam Relief and Ms.Carey Tarbett

 Dary Chhavarath 
University Of Pharmacy
Honor student for 2011 from 
Ms.Alice Tartinen
 Yin Vochly 2nd year at Mekong University
2011. She was sponsored by Mr. Randall Payne

 Congratulations to Mis.Heng Sokrasmey who deserves  the Honor award from Dr.Tep,Rainsy,Dean of the University of Pharmacy of Cambodia.October 17,2011
Thank to Mr.Lawrence P. Schmidt who for sponsoring $400.00 toward this excellence Award..


Congratulations to Mr.Moeurn Sotheara  who deserves  the Honor award from Dr.Tep,Rainsy,Dean of the University of Pharmacy of Cambodia.October 24,2012
Sponsored by Sam Relief, Inc USA with the amount
of $500.00 toward this excellence Award..
 Puy Pourn get his scholarship from Mr. Daniel Dove for the University for 2013  Tha Veasna get his scholarship from Mr.Daniel Dove for the University for 2013.  Ms.Chhoun Chanroat get her scholarship from Mr. Karl DePietro for her University 2013.
 Vasel Rathana received his scholarship from
Mr. Dan Ruskin for his University 2013.

 Ms. Lina Hab received his scholarship from Mr. Rex Boyd for her
second year at South East University
of Siem Reap 2014


 Ron Ry graduated in 2012.
Majoring in Agricutural Machinery
Sponsored by Mr.Daniel Dove
Letter from students      
 Kun Ten      
 Letter from Ms. Sophorn
Ngor to her sponsor
 Letter from Ms.Linda
Bun to Mr. Stephen Combes


 More pictures to come

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