If you wish to donate school supplies for Gary Bremer school, please write check to:
 Sam Relief,Inc.
 7507 Sawgrass Terrace
 Montgomery Village MD 20886

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 On your check mention to Gary Bremer School

Gary Bremer School 2007

           Mr. Gary Bremer 

         Gary Bremer school at Oudong Khet Kandal
         Dedication on August 2,2007

Ms. Choeun Sokhom was sponsored by Mr.Bremer and just graduated from the University
majoring in accounting 2007.




Mr. Sok, Preoun Long was sponsored by Mr. Bremer and he will be graduated in 2008.  

On behalf the students and the parents at Oudong, Khet Kandal, Sam Relief would like to express sincere
thank to Mr. Gary Bremer who donated a school to the needy ones.

Copyright 2007 by Sam Relief, Inc.