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If you wish to help Stephen Meagher schools,  please write check and mention on your check: for Stephen Meagher school. Sam Relief still provides school supplies to all schools we have built.

    I especially want to say, "hats off" to my friend Steve Meagher whom I have known for the last 31 years.

        Mr. Stephen Meagher      August 2003  Stephen Meagher Schools at Kam   
      Pong Speu Province.
    2004 Mr. Stephen Meagher donated a school at Kam 
    Pong Chalk Svay rieng Province and he honored my 
    name on it.Map from Satellite
        2006 Mr. Stephen Meagher and The Alderson  
        Foundation Family donated a Stephen Meagher 
      Schools next to his 2004 schools at Kam Pong 
       Chalk, Svay Rieng Province.
          The Alderson Foundation Family      We donated 10 tons of rice, food for work, to the poor
      people at Kam Pong Chak, Svay Rieng Province on 
     August 2004.
 Mr. Stephen Meagher visited Children Hospital at Siem
Reap 2005
         Mr. Jerry Essenmacher with the students at 
        Stephen Meagher schools on August 2004.
           Mr. Stephen Meagher at his 2004 schools at 
          Svay Rieng Province.

     Mr. Stephen Meagher  got the  Gold medal on the   
    behalf of   Mr. Clifford Laghton   at   JSM Schools 
   2005 at   Svay Rieng Province.


         Mr. Stephen Meagher gave a speech on behalf 
         Mr. Clifford Laughton at JSM Schools 2005.
      Happy students at Stephen Meagher schools at 
      Svay Rieng 2006.
  Stephen Meagher well. Picture  
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