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Parents and children walk for miles to get clean water.
According to the World Bank:
Diarrhea from water-borne impurities remains the second biggest killer of children under the age of five” 20,000 children die every year in Cambodia from diarrhea due to lack of proper sanitation
“In 2005, only half of the world's population had water available in their homes. Eighty percent of all diseases in developing nations are linked to water -- diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, and polio.”
To improve the poverty of Cambodia, we dedicate to build schools and provide clean water for the children.

Schools andclean wate are the gateway to better health and the alleviation of poverty

Please click on the names of the generous people below. They have each contributed towards building a well. When you click their name you will be able to see a picture of the well.

It's just $250.00 you can give clean water to the needy families. You can do it.



2005 86 wells      
Amanda Palmer Andrew Kreg Andrew Cremeda Angel
Ann R. Butay Bill Batdort Bill O'Donnell Bill Mcdonough
Bob Harnett Bob Harnett #2 Bob Harnett # 3 Brittany Bremer
Bryan and Allison Ted lierl Family Brittany Bremer #2 Camilo Charlie Thai
Phiroun Chan Chanthary-Vil-Mealy-Sovathary Charlotte Meyer Cheo Sarourn
Cheo Sarourn #2 FAA Gang Dan Chhieu and Ms.Ke Sokhim Dan Keller
The Diener Family Dominic Antonelli Don Kroll Don Kroll #2
Edward and Cheryl Cohen ELF Well Elizabeth Moody Gary Person
Glen Stack Glen Stack # 2 Gregory Owens James Hancock,Jr
James Jarret Janathan and Jennifer Palmer John William Lyon John Person
Kkieu Kanharith Karen Mosely Kurt and Anita Krauss Linda Holliday
Elizabeth Moody Lek Borinn Lek Luna Mark Crews and Family
Mary Ann and Alethea Michalzuk Family Michael and Celeste Benoit Mitchell Lang and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Egan Nova Kong Ondine Marquer Palmela Burroughs
Howard Patrick Barry Peter Bocock Ping and Aye Amranand In Honor of Ralph and Jo Hoffman
Kim Chin and Samrattanak Chin Yith Hian and Tan Ravy Raymond W. Sweeney. Jr Ronald P. Baldwin and Family
Ryan Maher and Carrie Freese Chanthou Sav and Chanda Sav Scott and Patricia Morrison Scott A. Lang and Family
Sean Sands Stacy LLOYD Stacy Phillip Stephen Damman
Steve Horwitz Tam Tran Telephone Workers Credit Union Thomas and Donna Perazzo
Tim O'Brien Tim O'Brien #2 In memory of my son Tony Santander Vannida Kong
William Kaffka William Robinson William Weldon

Daniel and Arminda O'Connell
Daniel and Arminda O'Connell

Michelle Lang from Mr.Clifford Laughton      
2002 6 WELLS      
Laurence Chase Joseph Wackerman Robert Crawley Seyla Kong
Tom Burk William Kimberling    
2003 32 WELLS      
Drew Jordan Eugene A. Rudolph.III FAA Gang George Seman III
James and Mary Baughn James Meyer #2 James Meyer # 1 Jennifer Hoffman
Jerry and Chritine Ault John and Dalene Swenson Johnathan and Unhan Guyen Joseph Trotter and Charles Hollis
Joseph Whelan Julian Smith Julian Smith # 2 Karen Langan
Karl Dipietro Kathleen Ross Karl Moor Laura Goodman
Lester and Linda Keats Linda Matlick Marilyn Bott Mark Crews
Master Myung Hak Kang Maureen and Mike Masson Monocole Club Neal Egan
Sam Relief donated water pond Sokharey Lek Sam Relief at Kam Pong Speu Sokhary Nuon
2004 64 WELLS      
Alan Phillip Angel Price Dominic Antonelli Bandit Nakavith
Bob Gaddie Bob Harnett Lek Borinn Boudier
Brandon Lek Broke Oldson Bruce Overton Buth and Family
Buth and Ms. San Yos Charlotte Meyers Charlotte Meyers # 2 Cunningham Jr.
David Williams Donna Perazzo Edgar Berkey FAA Gang
Greg Owens Greg Owens #2 Jacques Boudier Mr. and Mrs. James Hancock Jr.
Jessie Guttman Joe Thayer Joseph Trotter Karl Depietro
Karl Moor Telephone Credit Union Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kiriroth Laura Goodman
Tom and Leanne Swell Lee Goodwin & Linda Schartzstein Ben and Lucy Harris Madison Maze
Michael Turbull Michael and Celeste Benoit Drew Jordan Odenburg Club
In Memory of Oma Mimis Orville Wright Patrick McCormic III Peter Holden
In Memory of Robert Coble Philip Shrophire Robert McInerney Robert and Vicky Talor
Roderic and Rebecca Rodeman In Memory of my mother Sambath Tep Nara and Sambonn Lek Family Santa Selves Alaska Gang
Senkosal Sok In Memory of Sok Yieng Stacy b. Lloyd III Stephen Magher
Thomas Lewis and Family Thomas Perazzo In Memory of Tom and Kate Garahan Wayne Boyd
Wayne Boyd #2 Wilber Wright Mrs. William McCarthy Mr. ans Mrs. William Treadwell
Sam Kirirath      
2006 47 WELLS      
Alan Kline Nara,Mealy,Vil,Sovathary,Chathary Amy Well from Jack Padian Anthony and Sally Leo
Ben and Lucy Harris William Batdorf and Family J.A. BUZZ Miller BUZZ Miller
J.A.BUZZ Miller #3 Captain Well Dr. Marchall's Well Charlotte Meyer
Donald Kroll Elizabeth Duke Victoria and Emory Tate Eric Bloecher
Gregory Owns Presisent Hill of IBEW Nora and Borany Gnet Jack and Julian Well
Isabel Ryan Smith Kim Chin, Samrarranak, Sreng Lyhieng Michael Clark Robert Daddie
Neil Berger Gnet Bora Otis Edwin Hackett Robert Harnett #2
Robert Harnett #1 Rudolph Well Sean Sands Stacy LLOYD iV
Stephen Moskey Ted Lierl #3 Ted Lierl #1 Ted Lierl #2
Ted Lierl #4 CMAA of Greater Lowell Shollaw Well In Memory of Mary Ann and Steve
Vincent Coates Jr. Victoria and Emory Tate William Batdorf and family  
Joanne Lang # 1 Joanne Lang # 2 John and Eleanor Lyon  
2007 17 WELLS      
Beth and Bernie Fensterwald Ms. Kaki and Stanford Blanton Charlotte Meyers Daun Collins
Steven and Sally Coyne PAP In Memory of Phyllis Egan# 1 In Memory of Phyllis Egan # 2 Mark Crews
Anthony and Sally Leo Courthey's well Alaska Gang Bonnary Lek well Dominic and Judith Antonelli Jr
John and Eleanor Lyon Greg Bryant In Memory of Magrethe Lewis
Donated by Nancy Mager
In Memory of George Seman III
2008 25 WELLS donated by Mr.Clifford Laughton.      
Larry Gregg well ( Laughton) Stewart Homes well ( Laughton) Richard Caifano well (Laughton_ Ann Butay # 1 Well (laughton)
Ann Butay # 2 well (laughton) Ronald Baldwin # 1 (Laughton) Ronald Baldwin # 2 (Laughton) Raymond Sweeney well (Laughton)
Steven Rose well ( Laughton) Warren Daspit well (Laughton) Brian Au Yuen Well (Laughton) Scott and Irene Lang # 1 (Laughton)
Scott and Irene Lang #2 (Laughton) Mitchell and Joanne Lang # 1
Michell and Joanne Lang # 2
Edine and Jason Uchida # 1
Robyn Takeshit and Warren Debary well # 1 (laughton) Robyn Takeshit& Warren Debary
well # 2 (laughton)
Charles Kleinetop well # 1 (Laughton) Charles Kleinetop well # 2
Charles Kleinetop well # 3
Charles Kleinetop well # 4
Ed and Cindy Barnett well
Charles M. Beeck well
Edine and Jason Uchida well # 2
2008 18 Wells from other donors      
Sarah Madden Well #1 (from Mr.John Person ) Sara Madden well # 2 ( From
Mr. John Person)
Courthey "s well
( from Alaska Gang)
Robert Gaddie well
Gary A. Marco well Karen Mosely Anthony and Sally Leo Neil Berger well
Telephone Worker Credit Union

Captain wll # 2John Carprnter

John Hartigan well Dominic Antelli
Mark and Berverly Musel William Batdrof Jacqueline Durfee Well Dixon Ragland Family well
Sam Relief 2008 at JSM schools Sam Relief at Darby & Zac school John Hancock Jr.  
2009 wells 20 wells      
Amber and Nick well Amber and Nick well # 2 Gary Marco well John and Eleanor Lyon well
Jill M. Vann Tine Well Lynn K. Chung well Mircea Oprea Mitch well Mircea Oprea Mitch well # 2
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Stephen Meyer & Laura Haynes Stephen Meyer # 2 William Batdotf in Memory of his father
Phavann aad Natalie Chhuan James Hancock Jr. Liberty Bay Credit Union Sam Relief 2009 at Siem Reap
Senkosal Sok well Beverly Musel well Tom and Denise Kleinfelter well William Weldon well
2010 wells8 wells      
Gary A. Marcowell Neil Berger well GEORGE P. ROMILLY WELL Stephen Meyer #2
Mark Popopich well Melissa Mattingly Well Stephen Meyer #3 Stephen Meyer#1
2011 wells (16 wells)      
Bill Kaffa Sarah Kleinfelter Robert and Christine Gray Sam Relief,Inc #1
Sam Relief #2 Chomaly Lek #1 Chomaly Lek # 2 Jason well
Dan Ruskin well Robin Rupli well Ryan Maher Kirirath Sam
Judy Burk Michael and Pat Dauth John Carlson Lawrence P. Schmidt
2012 wells (7wells)      
Michael and Pam Dauth Steve Meyer James Nicoll Norman Ray
Beook and Edmund Kenny Charles White Mike Barberi Steve Meyer
2013 wells (10 Wells)      
IAN and Jennifer Tate of Somersworth, NH. Catherine Marshal Lance Fraser  
LOL ,Aline,Chanthary,Vil,Serey,Nara
Lawrence P. Schmidt Nancy Tanner  
Ouk Hai      
David and Ann Patterson      
2014 wells      
Lawrence Schmidt   Cindy Harrington well  
2015 wells      
Andrea Drimmer # 1 Andrea Drimmer #2
Andrea Drimmer #3  
Andrea Drimmer # 4
2016 wells      
Andrea Drimmer#1 Andrea Drimmer #2 Andrea Drimmer #3  
Lance Fraser #1 Lance Fraser #2    
Up to date 371 wells      
Sean Sand well #2      
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